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Hi! I'm Jake.

I'm a Boston-based student journalist with an interest in pop culture coverage, film criticism and multimedia reporting.




I am currently a third-year student at Northeastern University, majoring in media and screen studies and journalism. As a journalist, I aim to cover events related to popular culture and entertainment that pique the interest of readers in Boston and beyond.

Since September 2023, I have served as The Huntington News' lifestyle editor. In this role, I have learned the value of newsroom teamwork, the importance of pitching doable yet intriguing articles, the necessity of strong organizational and editorial skills and much more.

Moreover, I was an editorial assistant at TheStreet's Retirement Daily from July to December 2023. In this position, I wrote and edited articles about personal finance, crafted social media posts and ensured that all articles were SEO-ready, amongst other duties. 

I am originally from Parkesburg, PA — roughly an hour outside of Philadelphia. In my free time, I enjoy moviegoing, baking and the music of Taylor Swift.

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